The view from my window (at Downtown Brooklyn New York City)

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A new web series by Solace Productions
Directed & Edited by Raindogg
Videography by Patrick Reis
Produced by Danny Lugo
Music by The Jake Levinson Band, DD Dagger, Kassy Key & the Raindoggs


Edna Mae by Murray Korman (1930’s)

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You’d want to jump these suckers yourself if the protean beat underneath all their blather weren’t played so close to the bone. Producer-DJ Rick Rubin recycles licks ripped from Led Zeppelin, James Brown and Mr. Ed with razor-sharp precision and a sense of humor. Licensed to Ill is one hard-rockin’ cartoon, a rappin’ caricature so huge only a grown-up sourpuss could take it seriously.

Beastie Boys released Licensed to Ill 27 years ago today. See why it is the best debut album of all time.